Tom Hallam w/ Seal Beach WineryListen now (48 min) | Tom Hallam is the CEO of Palisade Bio and holds a PhD in Neuroscience from UC Davis and an MBA from USC (Marshall).
Jan D'Alvise w/ BoochcraftListen now (47 min) | Jan D'Alvise is the President & CEO at Acasti pharmaceuticals and holds a BS in Biochemistry from Michigan Technological…
Eric & Steph Venn-Watson w/ Modern TimesListen now | Eric Venn-Watson & Steph Venn-Watson are the founders of Epitracker, Inc & Seraphina Therapeutics
Andrew Rudd w/ AlesmithListen now | Andrew Rudd holds a PhD from UCSD and is the founder and CEO of Palm Therapeutics.
Scott McLaughlin w/ Protector Listen now (35 min) | Scott McLaughlin is a former counterintelligence officer with the United States Marine Corps, UCSD Rady MBA, and current VP of…
Kim Kamdar w/ Belching BeaverListen now (45 min) | Kim Kamdar is a Senior Partner at Domain Associates and holds a PhD in biochemistry and genetics from Emory University
Ana Moreno w/ June Shine Listen now (26 min) | Ana Moreno holds a PhD in Bioengineering from UCSD and is the founder and CEO of Navega Therapeutics
Mark Van Oene w/ Harland Listen now (29 min) | Mark Van Oene holds a PhD in medical and molecular genetics and serves as the COO of Pacific Biosciences
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