Nov 3, 2021 • 49M

Eric & Steph Venn-Watson w/ Modern Times

Eric Venn-Watson & Steph Venn-Watson are the founders of Epitracker, Inc & Seraphina Therapeutics

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Daniel Schroeder
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Eric Venn-Watson holds an MBA from UCSD, was a Navy Flight Surgeon and is a current US Navy reservist.

Steph Venn -Watson is a veterinary epidemiologist and public health scientist who has past experience working at the National Marine Mammal Foundation, DARPA, the CDC and WHO.

For this episode I spent some time talking with Eric & Steph Venn-Watson and we had a fantastic conversation while we tried a few beers from Modern Times. Our conversation led us through where Eric & Steph got their starts and how their unique paths and Steph's time studying Navy dolphins let them to an exciting discovery and the launch of their companies Epitracker & Seraphina Therapeutics.